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Plumbing Tools to Keep Around the House

Although many plumbing repairs and installations require the help of a trained professional, that doesn’t mean you should be calling a plumber for every small, minuscule problem. Many plumbing repairs need a simple fix that any homeowner is more than qualified to perform.

 The key is making sure you have a few necessary tools to get the job done. Now, we don’t mean you need a full toolbox of expensive tools to get by, but three key items will make your life easier:

1. A Plunger

Ah, the plunger. They are the international symbol for plumbing repairs. These handy items are ideal for unclogging toilets. In most cases, clogged toilets can be fixed easily with what’s known as a ball plunger. By covering the mouth of the toilet bowl with the plunger and pushing down and letting up, you can quickly and easily dislodge simple clogs.

Plungers are also helpful to unclog sinks and bathtubs and other drains that may be too small or delicate to snake. Using a plunger to fix a simple clog can save you hundreds throughout the year, especially since the general cost for a plunger is quite low. You may see numerous types of plungers in the store, some with fancy features, comfort handles or different heads, but the best plunger out there is the least fancy one. We recommend a simple plunger with a wooden handle and red or black cup on the end. These models create the best seal and are most useful for unclogging toilets and drains.

2. A Caulker or Caulking Gun

Your bathroom is full of nooks and crannies that have been sealed with caulking. Over time, the caulking may dry out, come undone or start to leak and let water in. At this point, you have two options, call a repairer or do it yourself. Installing caulking with a caulking gun is one of the simplest jobs in the world. You point the nozzle where you want the caulking to go and squeeze it there. If you mess up, you can peel the caulking off and try again.

It’s this reason why homeowners should have access to a caulker or caulking gun in their home. It’s a simple job that will save you significant money by doing it yourself.

3. A Pipe Wrench

Pipe wrenches are large wrenches with serrated teeth that are designed to fit around objects of varying sizes, usually round objects such as pipes. For homeowners who wish to try some of their plumbing repairs, it’s an ideal tool for opening pipes, tightening fittings and more.

Even if you don’t plan on attempting a DIY plumbing repair, owning a pipe wrench could be helpful in preventing damage while you are waiting for a professional to arrive for emergency service. One thing to be careful of with a pipe wrench is causing damage to the pipes. The serrated teeth have a tendency to scratch or damage pipes if it is used too aggressively.

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