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Reasons that Summer is the Best Season to Update Your Home’s Security System

Some responsibilities around the house are better suited to different seasons than others, and just like late fall is the best time to do maintenance and repairs on your furnace, summer is the best time for making sure that your home is a safe place for your family to be.

Summer is a better time for updating your home security system, is a good time for emergency preparation testing, and is the best time for outdoor repairs. There are three main areas where you can address your home security this summer, and they are the safety of your family, the safety of your home, and the security of your house.

1. Family Safety

You can't always protect everyone in your family from every threat, but you can make sure that they're prepared and know what to do in the event of an emergency. The major things that threaten family security within the home are fires, floods, storms—think tornadoes—and intruders. The best way to protect your family from any of these things is to ensure that they are prepared for them.

You can prepare your family for these situations by having an emergency plan in place that details what to do in case of any emergency, where escape routes are, where exits are, who to call, and where to meet after getting out of the house. Another thing you should do is have fire extinguishers and first aid kits readily accessible around the house, and be sure that everyone knows how to use them properly.

2. Home Safety

While it may seem like a daunting task to keep your home safe, it’s quite manageable as long as you keep up with regular maintenance and repairs. When you notice something’s in need of attention, address it immediately, especially while the weather is still cooperating. Minor issues like broken locks and chipping paint to more major problems like broken appliances, leaks, holes, electrical problems, and difficulties with the roof.

3. Home Security

The best ways to ensure the security of your home are to make sure that it’s being monitored, and you can do this with alarms, sensors, and detectors that will alert you to the presence of unwanted things like intruders, flooding, fires, and carbon monoxide.

A home alarm system equipped with motion detectors and door and window sensors will keep your home secure when you are and aren't home. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors will protect you from harm, and water sensors can protect your home from water damage by informing you about leaks and water issues.

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