Houston Water Heater Installation Services

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When a water heater begins to wear out, the signs are hard to ignore. The water may become dirty. The supply of hot water is no longer continuous. What hot water is being produced is not as warm as before. At this point, it has to be replaced. It cannot be repaired. The homeowner just needs to decide what type to get and who to hire.

Some home improvement projects can be handled by almost anyone. Replacing a water heater, though, is a monumental task. Water heaters are complex devices that involve plumbing, electricity and, in some cases, gas. This provides plenty of opportunities for an amateur to create a major disaster. It requires the expertise of a trained professional to do the job right. If there are any lingering doubts, take a quick glance at the existing heater and try to imagine the work needed just to remove it.

New Water Heater Efficiency Standards

As of April 15th, 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy has introduced new water heater regulations mandating higher Energy Factors for virtually type of residential water heater. The good news is that these more energy efficient water heaters will mean savings on your energy bills. The bad news, however, is that these more sophisticated units are more costly.

The new regulations allow for the installation of any water heaters that do not meet the new standards that installers may have in stock. bunkerart.ru Plumbing still has a limited number of these less expensive water heaters available.

Let Us Help You Choose

In determining what sort to get, first consider the two types of heat source. Water heaters use either gas or electricity. The main advantage of electricity is its safety. There’s no risk of gas leaks, no open flame, and no exhaust vents needed. They also tend to be smaller than gas-heated units. The big disadvantage is the cost of operation. Electricity is more expensive than gas. It also takes it longer to heat water. Gas, on the other hand, is very economical. If it’s used to heat water in a tank and relies on a pilot light, it can keep the water hot even if the electricity goes out. The second thing to consider is whether to go with a traditional or tankless unit.

The Tankless Route

The introduction of tank-less water heaters has made this an option. These units take up far less space than a traditional tank heater. Tank-less systems can operate on gas or electricity. They are economical because there is no stored water that has to be kept hot. They do have their drawbacks, though. The individual units are more expensive than traditional tanks. They also are limited in the amount of hot water produced at a given time. If there is a heavy demand for hot water in the house, the only way to overcome this is by adding additional units at even greater cost.

Need a new water heater? Call your Houston plumbing experts today at ! We guarantee your satisfaction 100%.