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What are Ways to Freshen Up My Garbage Disposal?

There is nothing worse than having to work in a smelly kitchen. Yes, some odors are unavoidable at times – the smell of burnt popcorn or toast, the lingering smell of grease after frying chicken the week’s old trash that you just haven’t gotten around to taking out. But some odors stay in your kitchen for weeks and months to come – and that’s because they are stuck in your garbage disposal. If you think your garbage disposal may be to blame for the terrible smells in your kitchen, then there is something you can do about it.

By following our guide of kitchen tips to deodorize and to prevent clogs in your garbage disposal, you’ll be on your way to experiencing a fresh, clean smell in your kitchen every day. And when that disposal starts smelling again? You’ll know exactly what to do to get it back on its clean track. Read on to learn our five, quick, master tips!

Tip #1: Baker’s Delight

Remember when you were in fourth grade, and you had to come up with a science experiment? Remember watching natural agents foam and bubble – like that homemade volcano? Go back to those fun days by doing a similar analysis on your garbage disposal. Baking soda and vinegar are an explosive, natural cleaning mixture that can clean and deodorize your garbage disposal.

To begin your experiment, put equal parts baking soda and vinegar in your garbage disposal. You can safely start with half a cup each and then work your way up to more if the odor does not go away.

Don’t be surprised if the mixture begins to bubble and rise in your sink. This is your personal garbage disposal volcano. Let it sit for about three minutes and then flush away the mixture with water.

Tip #2: Head to the Tropics

One tip many homeowners do not realize they have at their fingertips is the natural cleaner known as citrus. Make your entire kitchen smell like the tropics and not only cover up those odors in your garbage disposal but clean your disposal at the same time with a little citrus.

The critical part of making this work is to slice and dice the fruit you choose in chunks. Standard citrus that works in a disposal are lemons, limes, and oranges. You take your pick. You can always keep the peel on because a disposal can handle grinding the soft skin and it will help to lose particles stuck in the disposal. But make sure you turn on the water and keep it flowing as you drop in the chunks of citrus fruit.

Tip #3: Natural Springs

What if you could relieve the odors caused by your garbage disposal simply by using the materials you already have in your kitchen. You have a natural spring in your faucet that can be used to relieve garbage disposal odors. The key to this working has something to do with what is beyond your control: If the disposal is extremely clogged, then the odor may be something that cannot be addressed with a water flush. But sometimes it can be, so it’s worth a try.

Turn on your kitchen sink faucet at full blast. Get the water as hot as you can. If your water heater does not allow your water to get from hot, consider boiling water on your kitchen stove. Pour the water down the drain in a continuous stream.

By doing this – either by the faucet or via boiled water – you are loosening clumps of food and dried particles that have lodged themselves within your disposal. Getting rid of those particles is essential in getting rid of the odor emanating from your sink.

Tip #4: Ice, Ice Baby

With the food particles loosened by hot water, you can go one step further for those stubborn clumps that have dried and molded themselves to the inside of your garbage disposal. Turn the kitchen faucet on – this time with cool water – and then slowly drop cubes of ice down the disposal.

As the disposal grinds the ice, it will release any food that is still sticking on the blades. This is because the ice acts like it has superpowers and freezes the food particles, making them hard, so they no longer stick to the blades. They fall off and then can be ground properly in the disposal.

Tip #5: Disposal No-No’s

If you want to keep your disposal in working order over time – and to avoid those horrible smells left by unground food – then you should know exactly what you can and cannot put into your disposal. Avoid all fibrous veggies and fruits – items like celery and asparagus or bananas.

These fibers have a way of winding themselves around your disposal’s blades. Also, avoid expandable foods – like pasta, rice, and potatoes. These foods clump together and expand in your disposal. Finally pour grease and oil into a jar and don’t pour it into your disposal. These liquids are greasy when they solidify and are hard to remove.

Commit to this guide of quick tips in your kitchen, and you can expect not only a kitchen that has fewer lingering odors over time but a garbage disposal that will have a longer life and will continue to come through for you when you need it (Thanksgiving, anyone?). All it takes are a few simple and inexpensive changes in your kitchen protocol to give your kitchen that clean and sweet-smelling atmosphere!

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